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Recorded by Marcon on the Nacchini Organ of the Church of the Cross in Treviso, the CD has a collection of pieces by seventeenth century organists and then by those made in the Roman atmosphere and of Southern Italy that have gathered the heritage of Girolamo Frescobaldi. The CD, produced in November 1995 by DIVOX Antiqua, was awarded in 1996 and in 1997 the German Record Critique Prize, the Diapason d'Or of the French critics and the International award of the A.Vivaldi record for instrumental music, awarded by the Cini foundation Cini.


The recording, performed by Andrea Marcon on the organ of the Chiesa di Sant'Andrea in Riva di Treviso, an instrument typical of Eighteenth century Venetian organ building, is a collection of pieces by organists from across the Alps, which let one hear again the frescobaldiani models, especially in the Toccate and in the forms. In 2000 it received the German Record Critique Prize.


A recording dedicated to the most important compositions of the musician Ferrarese, recorded by Andrea Marcon on the new organ in the Francesco Zanin Italian Renaissance style, inaugurated in 1998 and situated in the Church auditorium of Santa Caterina. The CD was recorded in October 1999, and was produced by DIVOX Antiqua.


It was realized on the Serassi Organ of the Church of St. Augustine in Treviso and constitutes the first recording on CD, with a repertoire dedicated entirely to the Bergamasque composer. In 1994 the CD was declared record of the month by the German magazine, "Alte Musik Aktuell". The recording was edited by Radiotelevisione svizzera RTSI.


Recorded by Andrea Marcon on the G. Callido Organ of the Church of St. Leonard in Treviso, it is a collection of sonatas by Venetian composers of the nineteenth century, who found the perfect sound "palette" for their compositions in the Venetian organs of the time (thanks to the pupils of Nacchini, such as Moscatelli, Dacci, but especially G. Callido). The recording of the CD was edited by DIVOX Antiqua.


Recorded by Andrea Marcon on the G. Callido Organ of the Tempio monumentale di San NicolÚ in Treviso, it has a collection of sonatas for organ. The CD, the recording of which was done by DIVOX Antiqua, in 1996 was declared record of the month by the German magazine "Alte Musik Aktuell", in 1997 it was awarded the German Record Critique Prize and rated five Diapasons by the French critics.


Recorded by Andrea Marcon on the Vincenzo Colonna (1533) Organ of the Chiesa del Santissimo Corpo di Cristo in Valvasone; the CD has a collection of pieces by Italian and Venetian organists of the Renaissance tradition. The recording was performed on a non-trevigiano organ so as to document, on a splendid historical instrument (still intact and recently restored), a repertoire particularly important for Italian organ music, which integrates a collection of pieces by Girolamo Frescobaldi in 1999 in Treviso. The CD was recorded in May 2001 and was produced by DIVOX Antiqua.


The recording, entrusted to Roberto Antonello, was performed on the recently restored Gaetano Zanfretta Organ of the Parish Church of Santa Lucia di Piave. The CD has a collection of pieces by Max Reger, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Johannes Brahms, Josef Rheinberger and Franz Liszt, among the greatest musicians of German Romanticism. The recording was performed in September 2001 and the production was edited by da DIVOX Antiqua.


NOVA CANTICA- Holy Arias of the twentieth-century
Produced in co-operation with Asolo Musica, the CD is a collection of scores by twentieth-century composers played on the Kuhn-Hradesky Organ of the Treviso Cathedral by Giovanni Feltrin, accompanied by the soprano Paola Matarrese. Besides pieces by Hugo Distler and Ernest Tittel, the CD also contains the first complete recording of Spiritual Rhapsody by Riccardo Giavina. The recording was carried out in September 2003.


CESAR FRANCK - The great operas for organ
Roberto Antonello has recorded on the Zeni Organ of the Parish Church of Salgareda, the first part of the work for organ by Cesar Franck for a project that foresees the production of the whole work, which covers a time span of about thirty years of production. The Zeni Organ of Salgareda was inspired by the instruments of the French organ builder, A.CavaillŤ-Coll (1811-1899), to whom the music of Cesar Franck is inextricably linked. The recording was carried out in October, 2002.


CESAR FRANCK - The great operas for organ 2nd Vol.
This is the project that foresees the production of the whole of the opera for organ by Cesar Franck. Roberto Antonello has recorded the second part on the Zeni Organ of the Parish Church of Salgareda. The recording was carried out in September 2003.


CESAR FRANCK - The great operas for organ 3rd Vol.
Con questo CD Roberto Antonello completa il progetto dell'integrale dell'opera del musicista francese che copre un arco temporale di circa un trentennio di produzione. Il co-direttore artistico del Festival è anche, così, il primo musicista italiano ad essersi impegnato nell’incisione dell’opera omnia di Franck. La registrazione è stata effettuata nel mese di settembre 2003.


This homage from Andrea Marcon to Johann Sebastian Bach, is the first CD of the Festival dedicated to the pieces of the Master from Eisenach. That is a choice due to the composer, to testify the great attention that the Festival has towards the organ music not only the most known and appreciated.


Roberto Antonello plays Giovanni Morandi (1777-1856) as homage for the celebration of 150 years from his death. He was the pupil of his father Piero, who studied with Father Martini. Morandi was really famous during the first years of the XIX century, when the organ music was influenced by the general passion for the Opera. The organ music tried to propose style, tone colours and manners inspired by the theatrical music. Antonello has took some pieces from this particular period that sounds very modern, performed on the organ by Andrea Zeni located in Salgareda. An instrument inspired by the French romantic manufacture by Cavaillé-Coll and Puget.


In October 2004, the Festival in collaboration with his family, has realized a CD to celebrate the tenth anniversary from the Masterís death. A collection of the recorded live concerts of pieces composed and performed by Dalla Vecchia.


EX VETERIS NOVA – autori ed interpreti vari
Thatís the fruit of one of the most particular initiatives of the Festival. The commitment to contemporary composers, in particular from the Veneto region, of unedited pieces for organ. This music has been performed for the first time during the editions of the Festival. The following authors have composed their music expressly for the organs of Treviso: Corrado Pasquotti, Nildo Sanvido, Michele Pozzobon, Paolo Troncon, Stefano Da Ros, and also some European composers as Jurgen Essl, Daniel Roth, Michael Haselboeck, Wolfgang Sauseng. All the first executions, except for the piŤce by Paolo Troncon, recorded by Cristina Garcia Banegas in Montevideo, on a Tamburini organ) have been collected into this CD for the organ lovers and the students that so often come to Treviso to visit and play the historic instruments.


COLLOQUIA – Giovanni Feltrin e Anania Maritan
This original project explores a new musical sphere, concentrating on the repertory for violin and organ of the XX century. The literature about these instruments is smaller than others but the authors have found a lot of material about. Many of these pieces are in first worldwide recording but it’s not surprising considering that someone (for instance Ravanello and Maleingreau) are handwritten scores; the Maleingreau Sonata, in particular, has been donated to the composers by the composer’s heirs.


This pack of two CDs is like a sound tip trough Europe. Twenty international artists have performed these pieces on precious historic instruments located in nine European countries. The pack contains also a booklet with many information and great pictures. This is the first ECHO production, an important tool of promotion for a European heritage that have been often forgotten. ECHO is born in particular to enhance this organ heritage, which is both social and artistic, bringing together several generations of important organ makers and great musicians. In 2002 ECHO has published a book cataloguing their organ heritage and in 2005 this double CD has collected all the organ voices to explain four centuries of organ literature. An important project realized by the Infinity Studio in Treviso thanks to the coordination of the Festival’s Artistic Directors Andrea Marcon and Roberto Antonello.